Tetra Pond GreenFree UV Clarifier Bulb Replacement (New Version)

Replacement for UVC-36 36 watt Clarifier.

High efficiency bulbs with 8,000 hour life.

Replace after 11 months of use.


Tetra Pond GreenFree UV Clarifier (New)

  • Stainless Steel Insert for more UV exposure.
  • UL Approved. Easy to install and maintain. Weatherproof / Built to last.

Tetra Pond Greenfree UV Clarifier Adaptor Kit

  • Tetra pond uvc adapter kit
  • Uvc adapter kit is used to help ensure your uvc fits your pump
  • This uvc barbed swivel adapter does not fit the older uv clarifiers
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Tetra Pond Greenfree UV Clarifier/Sterilizer Bulb

Replacement UV 9-watt bulb for 9-watt UV Clarifier

TetraPond UV Clarifiers provide permanent control of suspended algae which cause green water. It removes heavy algae blooms and keeps the pond algae free.

Regular price $56.78

Pondmaster Clearguard Replacement Quartz Sleeve

Pondmaster Clearguard Replacement Quartz Sleeve for 18 Watt Clearguard UV Sterilizer. Genuine Replacement Pondmaster Parts from Danner Manufacturing - Replacement Quartz Sleeve fits the ClearGuard UV and Filters.

  • Includes 1 Quartz Sleeve w/O-Rings
  • Approximate dimensions: 1...
Regular price $53.98

Pondmaster Clearguard UV Bulb Replacement

  • Replacement UV light for Clearguard pressure filters
  • UV light helps control green water
  • Safe for fish & plants

Pondmaster Clearguard Filter UV Clarifier Kit

The Pondmaster Clearguard UV Light Conversion Kit allows you to instantly turn any Clearguard pond pressure filter into a UV-equipped sterilizer. This UV light kit supplements the cleaning power of your Clearguard pond filter by adding the advanced clarifying power of UV light. The UV light he...

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Pondmaster UV Sterilizer Replacement Ballast

  • Replace damaged, broken or malfunctioning UV steriliaer ballast to return your aquarium to a healthier state.
  • Available in 10, 20 and 40 watt sizes.
  • Properly functioning UV sterilizers clarify water and limit algae growth.

Pondmaster UV Quartz Replacement Sleeve

  • Ultraviolet lighting replacement quartz sleeve
  • Available in: 10 Watts, 20 Watts & 40 Watts

Pondmaster UV Replacement Bulb

  • The Pondmaster Replacement UV Bulb works with the Pondmaster Submersible 10, 20 or 40 Watt Ultraviolet (UV) Clarifier.
  • It is recommended to replace the bulbs every season for optimal performance.
  • Don't wait for your light to burn out, replace yearly because over time th...

Pondmaster Clearguard Pressurized UV Pond Filter

  • Capacity range: Up to 16,000 Gallons (Depending on model number)
  • Flow Rate range: Up to 9,000 GPH (Depending on model number)
  • Pressurized UV Pond Filter helps to eliminate bacteria and limit algae growth
Regular price $457.92

Pondmaster Submersible Ultraviolet Clarifier & Sterilizer

  • Submersible 10-watt, 20-watt & 40-watt ultraviolet pond light for killing algae and bacteria
  • Clarifies and sterilizes ponds up to 6,000 gallons (40 watt model); designed for pumps with up to 2,400-gph output (40 watt model)
  • ?-inch, barbed intake and outlet for attac...

Beckett In-Line UV Pond Filter

  • Designed to connect to 400-800 GPH Pond Pumps (Not included)
  • For installation outside of pond
  • 9 Watt germicidal bulb keeps pond water clean and clear
Regular price $178.52

Fish Mate Pressurized UV Bio Pond Filter

Provides Pressurized models offer the greatest installation versatility as they can be buried above or below desired outlet level e.g. at the bottom of a waterfall. Fish Mate pressurized models feature a unique slim-line lid making the units inconspicuous when buried. A variety of models are...

Regular price $500.30

Fish Mate Gravity UV & Bio Pond Filter

Combined uv and biological filtration for crystal clear, purified water. Flip up lid for easy maintenance. frostproof quartzless uv chamber. Removable media tray. Coloured green to blend in with natural surroundings.

Regular price $226.72

Fish Mate Gravity Filter Replacement UV Bulb

  • Fish mate replacement UV lamps
  • Energy consumption 8 & 16 watts
  • Fits gravity UV pond filter models 226/336 & 315
  • Also fits pressurized UV pond filter
  • Enhanced filament developed for max UV-c output and long life
Regular price $32.36

Fish Mate Pressure Filter Replacement UV Bulb

  • Fish mate replacement UV lamps
  • Energy consumption 5, 9 or 13 watts
  • Fits multiple Fish Mate pressurized UV pond filters
  • Also fits gravity UV filters
  • Enhanced filament developed for max UV-c output and long life