Aquaclear Quick Filter Powerhead Attachment

  • The AquaClear Quick Filter Powerhead attachment converts AquaClear Powerheads into powerful filters for rapid removal of most particulate waste.
  • The extra large central core holds an ample supply of granular filter material like carbon, for specialized jobs such as the removal o...
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Rio Plus Aqua Pump/Powerhead (UL Listed)

New and improved Rio Plus Aqua Pumps and Powerheads provide versatile water pump system designed with high efficiency and reliability at lower cost. Designed with next generation magnetic-rotor technology, the Rio Plus Aqua Pumps and Powerheads offer the best high-performance solution in the a...

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Rio Plus Aqua Pump / Powerhead

Rio Plus Aqua Pump/Powerhead - UL listed and designed with high efficiency and reliability in mind using magnetic-rotor technology. No oil is used to operate so this unit cannot contaminate the aquatic environment. Can be used with wet-dry filters, venturi protein skimmers, undergravel filte...

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Rio Plus 400 Aqua Pump/Power Head

Rio Plus 400 pump/powerhead is a versatile water pump system made to provide high efficiency and reliability. This aqua pump is made using next generation magnetic-rotor technology offering the best high-performance solution in the aquarium industry. The power head gives excellent performance ...

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Marineland Maxi Jet Pro Water Pump & Powerhead

  • Maxi-Jet multi-use water pumps are three pumps in one: power head, utility pump, and now featuring a circulation pump option. ?Still the best power head for powering undergravel filters and running wave maker timers, as well as for running small fountains, calcium reactors and skimmers.<...

Marineland Penguin Power Head

  • Penguin power heads deliver constant flow with fully adjustable aeration and increased surface agitation and they remain silent at all times.
  • Silent, Safe, Reliable.
  • Powerful and trusted powerheads.
  • Regulates air flow, eliminate noise and dust.
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Aquatop Max Flow Power Head Aquarium Pump

  • Superior water movement in all types of aquariums
  • Ideal design for running under gravel filters
  • Includes optional air intake & air regulator for water aeration
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