Tetra Cube Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting

  • Clear, plastic tank provides a beautiful view of your underwater environment and is virtually unbreakable.
  • Air powered Whisper three-stage filtration with small Bio-Bag cartridges keep your aquarium crystal clear and odor-free.
  • Low voltage LED lighting insures a bright ...
Regular price $41.68

Tetra Betta Tank with LED Base Lighting

  • Clear plastic trapezoid-shaped tank with clear plastic canopy and feeding hole.
  • The black LED base light illuminates from below.
  • On/off switch.
  • Holds 1 gallon.
  • Requires four AA batteries (not included.)
  • Mini USB cable compatible as well (adapt...
Regular price $17.14

Tetra Half Moon Betta Kit with LED Lighting

  • Clear plastic half-moon shaped tank with clear plastic canopy and feeding hole.
  • Repositionable LED light illuminates from either above or below the aquarium.
  • LED on/off switch.
  • We recommend using translucent glass beads if illuminating from the bottom.
  • Regular price $20.40

GloFish Round Bubbling Air Stone with 6 LEDs

Beautiful underwater lighting effects are created with the blue LEDs, while bubbles improve the circulation and oxygenation of the water. Air pump, airline tubing, and check valve sold separately.

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GloFish Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting

Contents: /p>

  • Clear plastic aquarium tank with curved front & seamless view
  • Clear plastic canopy with convenient feeding hole
  • Detachable LED light
  • On-off switch for LED light
  • Low voltage power cord & AC adapter powers LED light
  • <...
Regular price $79.90

Lee's Betta Keeper Round Aquarium Kit

  • Round aquarium kit for betta fish
  • Great for children & beginner hobbyists
  • Ideal size for desk, counter, or office
  • Feet fit into lid for easy stacking
  • Includes filter, gravel & artificial plant
Regular price $11.62

Penn Plax Nature's Aqua-Ponic Planter & Fish Habitat

  • All-in-one planter & fish habitat
  • Replicates natural metabolic cycle
  • Fish waste supports plant life while plant keeps water clean
  • Perfect for betta
  • Includes 1/2 gallon fish bowl, planting bowl & ceramic growing substrate
Regular price $17.96

Perfecto Replacement Handle for Glass Canopy

  • Perfecto Plastic handle for glass canopy.?
  • This Perfecto replacement handle is not a clip on type, it is fastened to the glass canopy by adhesive.
Regular price $2.30

Perfecto Glass Canopy Backstrip

  • Glass canopy back strip replacement part for Perfecto aquariums
  • Made of plastic material
  • Back strip with groove to fit any glass canopy, can be cut for perfect fit
  • Available in clear color, small and large sizes.
Regular price $8.32

Perfecto Aquarium Glass Replacement Hinge

  • Perfecto Aquarium Glass Replacement Hinge.?
  • This part is the middle hinge for glass canopies.?
  • Perfecto Aquarium Glass Replacement Hinge can be cut if you need it to be shorter.
  • Small fits glass that is 1/8" thick and is 30" long.?
  • Large fits glass tha...
Regular price $14.52

Aqueon LED Mini Bow Desktop Aquarium Kit - Black

  • LED lighting technology creates brilliant colors
  • Low profile & all-in-one design is perfect for any desktop
  • Built-in QuietFlow filter keeps water crystal clear

Aqueon Betta Castle Aquarium Kit - Black

  • 1/2 gallon aquarium, includes black lid with feeding hole
  • Includes Aqueon Betta Food and Betta Bowl Plus water care samples
  • Stacks with other Betta Castle aquariums
Regular price $14.60

Aqueon Betta Bowl Starter Kit - Black

The perfect aquarium for the family fun! ?The Betta Bowl Aquarium Kit is the perfect tank for children and parents alike. ?This 1/2 gallon starter aquarium kit takes up little space, so it is ideal for any room and decor.?

Regular price $12.50

Aqueon Princess Castle Aquarium Kit for Betta

  • 1/2 gallon aquarium and lid with feeding door
  • Includes Aqueon Betta Food & Betta Bowl Plus samples
  • Includes decorative plant, gravel & flags
  • Ideal for beginner hobbyists
  • Designed for a single betta or small tropical fish
Regular price $15.20

Aqueon Mini Cube LED Aquarium Kit - Black

Aqueon mini cube LED aquarium kit features alluring LED light and a built-in filter making it worth buying product. Its convenient design makes it easy-to-fit anywhere. Whether you want to turn your office or home into a beautiful showcase for your fishes, place an order for this mini aquarium...

Regular price $43.44